Current Paintings

These paintings were painted in the last year.

Current Available Paintings

These paintings were painted in the last year.

Fear no fear 36x60

Open 40x60

Getting high 36x60

Religions and politics and corporations, oh my! 48x60

Life of the party 48x48

A Muse 36x60

I surrender 40x60

Life in general 48x48

NYC 2074 48x60

Courage 40x60

Opposing thumb Bolina 48x48

Poutain de Touriste 66x48

Thelma and Louise 40x60

Glass ceilings 48x48

Friendship 36x60

Life's calling 36x60

Reflections 36x60

Congress of millenials part 2 60x48

Whats better than flowers on your piano 36x48

Focus 36x60

Artworld 48x72

Trump duck! 36x60

Congress of Millenials 60x48

What goes on in Vegas 48x60

Everybody loses 48x48

Compassion 60x48

Congress of millennials 48x120

Co-dependantcy 40x60

Hola 40x60

Choose wisely 40x60

Road trip to the USA 36x60

Big little game hunter 36x48

Flutters by 36x60

Threesome 30x60

Hindsight 2020 48x48

Koo koo katchoo 36x72

If the shoe fits 40x60

Love is afoot 36x72

Uh-oh 40x60

Incite insight in sight 48x48

Are we there yet 48x54

Crazy love 48x48

Godsend 48x60

Nevermore 36x72

Unconditional love 48x60

These paintings are currently on display at various galleries.

Coked up 40x60

Garbage 36x60

Karma 48x84

POTUS 48x48

Reflections 36x60

Seriously! 40x60


These paintings have been sold.

Light 48x72

O.M.G. 40x60

Once upon a time 40x50

Reality 36x60