My Portfolio

Available Paintings

These oil paintings are currently available for sale. Please contact me directly if you are interested in making a purchase.

Antithesis 36x60

Cellophane 60x48

Ecstacy 66x48

Glory 48x66

Miles and miles 60x40

Humility 72x36

Paradise 36x60

Pure of Heart 40x60

Solitude 48x48

Stand tall 30x72

Perception 72x48

Venus rising 40x60

Transition 66x48

Repose 60x40

Beginings 60x40

Family 48x48

Evolution 48x48

Gentility 48x72

Vision 36x60

Fruition 48x48

Heaven and Earth 60x40

On the Hunt 60x40

Pastoral Dawn

Out of the Darkness 60x40

A Wing and a Prayer 60x36

Circle of Life 48x48

Ahhh 66x48

Gathering 40x60

Hello 36x60

A rose is a rose 30x60

Realization 40x60

Everybody loves a parade 48x96

Back to back 48x72

Precious and few 48x66

Lotus and leaves 48x60

The Power and the Glory 48x66

Spirit 40x60

Summer warm 40x60

Family 40 x 60

Days of Future Past 40x60

When Life gives you lemons 40x60

Egrets' Egress 40x60

Lilys' day 36x60

Fare thee well 36x48

Breath-taking 48x60

Refresh 40x60

Trump duck! 36x60

Whats better than flowers on your piano 36x48

I surrender 40x60

NYC 2074 48x60

Opposing thumb Bolina 48x48

Poutain de Touriste 66x48

Thelma and Louise 40x60

Focus 36x60

These paintings are currently on display at various galleries.

5 Tulips 60x40

7 AM 40x60

Beloved immortal 48x48

Bravery 60x40

Ecstacy 40x60

Entrance 36x60

Five alive 36x60

Foil 72x48

Fresh 48x48

Glory of the morning 40x60

Hope 60x36


Id and Ego 36x54

Incarnation 40x40

Intermission 66x48

Iris Tripping 66x48

Lotus postition 40x60

Onwards and Upwards 30x60

Out of Africa 36x60

Peace be with you 36x60

Protection 36x48

Pure Joy 48x54

Real Life 48x48

Rest 48x66

Thanksgiving 40x60

Three for Fun 72x48



These paintings have been sold.

A Breath of Fresh Air 60x60

A day in the Life 30x48

A Leap of Faith 40x60

A muse 60x36

A new Life 60x36

A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle 48x36

Adoration 48x36

Adulation 40x60

After the storm 36x60

Aglow 60x48

Alive 48x48

Amen 60x48

Angel 54x36

Aparition 60x40

Ascension 60x72

Assault on a pepper 54x42

At Peace 40x60

Aura 30x60

Awake 60x30

Awakening 60x40

Balance 66x48

Baptism 30x60

Big Pink 60x36

Birds of a feather 48x48

Blush 40x40

Blush 50x40

Bodacious 36x60

Bound for Glory 36x60

Brothers 40x60

Bubbie goes to Boca 30x60

By any other name 48x36

Change 36x60

Charisma 60x40

Chiaroscuro 72x48

Civilization 60x40

Comradery 40x40

Coquette 48x48

Courage, My Love 48x40

Crazy love 24x36

Crazy Love 48x48

Crouching tiger, hidden spider 40x60 $2000


Dance 48x48

Days End 60x30

Delicate 60x36

Delight 48x48


Dinner for One 36x60

Discretion 36x60

Diva 40x60

Dreamscape 40x60

Elation 60x40

Enchanting 60x48

Energy 40x40

Energy 40x60

Enigma 54x48

Eureka 48x36

Exit Stage Left 40x60

Faery dance 40x60

Faith 48x48

Falling in love 66x48

Fancy Free 48x66

Fantasy 48x48

Fast Forward 30x60

Femme Fatale 48x48

Flamboyant 60x40

Flow of Life 36x60

Flower Power 40x60

Focus 48x48

Focus 60x40

Four Play 60x40

Freedom 60x40

Fresh 48x48

Friends 48x66

Fushia 30x40

Future 48x48

Gentle Nature 60x40

Glad to see you 36x60

Good Company 36x60

Good Morning! 48x48

Grace 60x40

Gratitude 48x36

Group Showing 48x84

Heart and Soul 36x48

Heat 50x50

Hello Sunshine 60x40

Hide and Seak 60x40

High Biscuits 66x48

Home 60x40

Horsepower 72x48

In Love 60x40

In to me see 60x60

Inevetability of Time 60x40

Inquisitive 60x40

Inspiration 48x48

Into every Life... 60x40


Introspection 48x66

Iris 40x50

Iris and her friends 48x66

It takes two 36x60

It takes Two 48x60

Jazz 48x48

Joy 66x48

Joyous 36 x 60

Kaleidoscope 36x48

Kiss Me 60x40

Kit Calla 36x36

Let there be light 36x60

Levitation 60x30

Life Unfolding 40x40

Light 48x72

Light of my Life 36x60

Light of my life 48x48

Lightness of Being 48x48

Lilly 60x40

Looking up at 3 40x60

Lumiere 36x60

Luminous 36x60

Lust 60x48

Macro micro 48x48

Matrix 36x48

Meditation 60x48

Mesmers' Eyes 40x60

Mirror, mirror 48x48

Moonglow 40x60

Morning kiss 48x60

Motherhood 60x40

Motiveation 36x60

Mystery 48x48

Naiad 72x36

Nexus 48x48

Oasis 60x40

Observation 60x40

Ode to Joy 60x40

Omen 30x30

On the Sea of Life 60x36

One horsepower 72x48

One in the same and in love with our difference 40x40

Out of the Darkness 36x60

Outlook 48x60

Passionate 48x72

Peek-a-boo 48x48

Peony Party 48x48

Pheonix rising 48x48

Play 60x36

Playing in the Light 60x40

Point of View 40x60

Poise 48x48

Power and the Glory 48x48

Prayer 24x36

Pretty as a Picture 36x48

Protection 36x48

Rebirth 40x40

Reflections 48x36

Refreshed 60x48

Remembrance 48x66

Resolution 30x72

Resplendant 30x60

Resplendent 60x36

Resurection 60x40

Revalation 60x36

Rose and her buds 60x36

Salvation 60x40

Searching for the meaning of life is like a fish looking for a drink of water 36x48

Sisters 24x36

Someone to watch over me 30x60

Soul 52x42

Soul purpose 48x48

Soulmates 72x40

Spirit 60x48

Spotlight 50x40

Spring showers 40x60

State of play 48x60

surfacing 2 wtmrk

Surfacing 60x30

Surprise 40x60

Take Five 60x36

Taking Flight 48 x48

Tango 40x40

The Diva 36x36

The life of Iris 48x54

The Passion 48x66

The Secret 48x48

The Tribute 48x48

Things are looking up 60x40

Three amigos 54x36

Time 72x48

Time Out 60x36

To two too 60x36

Touched 48x48

Transcendence 66x48


We are one in the same and in love with our differences 40x60

Welcome 60x36

Which came first 40x60

With Open Arms 36x36

Woods 72x48

Yes 48x48

Yin Yang 48x48

Youth 42x54