My Portfolio

Available Paintings

These oil paintings are currently available for sale. Please contact me directly if you are interested in making a purchase.

Ecstacy 66x48

Drama Queens - 36x60

Assault on a pepper 42x54

The Garden Party - 40x60

Real Life 48x48

The Power and the Glory - 48x66

Eye of Horus - 60x48

Gentility 48x72

A Mother and Child Reunion - 48x40

Pure of Heart - 40x60

Compassion 60x48

Evolution - 48x48

Peace Love Dove - 60x48

Family - 40x60

Beauty Lies - 48x60

When Life Gives you Lemons - 40x60

By the Light - 40x60

Vision - 36x60

In the Eyes of the Beholder - 40x60

A Rose is a Rose - 30x60

Captive audience 48x60

Hola - 40x60

Nobility - 36x60

Koo Koo Katchoo - 36x72

Spirit - 40x60

Repose - 60x40

Summer Warm - 40x60

Be leaves believes 40x60

Family - 48x48

Resolution 30x72

Innocent - 48x60

Love is afoot 36x72

Glory - 48x66


A Muse 36x60

Lilys Day - 36x60

Sweet Dreams - 66x48

Order Chaos - 48x72

Desire 30x60

Lotus and Leaves - 48x60

Attitude 48x48

Circle of Life - 48x48

Antithesis 36x60

Energy 40x60

Out of the Darkness - 60x40

Ahhh 66x48

Miles and Miles - 60x40

Beginings - 60x40

Pastoral Dawn - 48x48

Egrets Egress - 40x60

Fare thee Well - 36x48

NYC 2074 - 48x60

Humility - 72x36

Refresh - 40x60

Venus Rising - 40x60

Focus 36x60

Birds of a Feather - 40x60

Courage - 40x60

Cellophane - 60x48

Foil - 72x48

Garbage - 36x60